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Our Approach

Every client relationship follows this format: 

Every client relationship follows this format: 

The foundation of our client-advisor relationships lies with the clients' purpose for investing their time, energy, talent, and money. Only after we thoroughly understand why we're investing, can we begin to diagnose how to invest. 

Each investor is different, so our process is adaptive. Once we really know your purpose and your details, we can lay out a strategic process for managing risk, pursuing return, optimizing tax and estate plans, and navigating life's financial planning complexities. 

We begin to talk about Tools (or investment products) only after we've understood the purpose and the process for investing. We don't sell anything proprietary and we don't collect commissions. We scoured the planet looking for the ways we think our clients can best achieve their desired outcomes --then we use those things for that reason only. 

Investment recommendations can be built around stories that “sound nice” or they can be built on decades of financial science… We prefer relying on the data.

Our investment process has foundations in academia and relies on financial science in the pursuit of returns for clients. We don't offer "the next hottest stock tip" or a "flavor of the month" investment strategy. Instead, we rely on our philosophy, our discipline, and our continued research to best serve our clients' objectives in the most efficient manner possible.

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